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With a background in the non-profit and fair housing arena, and extensive experience in real estate and condominium law and in litigation of state and federal disputes, the Law Office of Denise M. DeBelle is ideally suited to represent condominium and cooperative associations.
  • We will advise your association so that you avoid costly mistakes and protracted litigation.
  • We will litigate to assist your association in the collection of unpaid assessments, enforcement of association rules, and in defending your association when sued by others.

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Why does your association need an attorney?

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Q. What can be done if a unit owner makes too much noise, or otherwise violates a rule of the association?

A. First, the association must be sure that the association's rules have been enacted properly and according to the requirement of state law and your governing documents. If that is satisfied, the association must take care to give adequate notice of the violation to the offending unit owner, and then an opportunity for a hearing at which time the unit owner will be allowed to present his version of events to the Board. Should the hearing demonstrate the rule has been violated, the association may levy a fine according to the guidelines laid out in the rules. As your attorney, I will help your association in all these steps, including the notice to owner and the hearing.

Q. What if the association currently allows pets in the building but many unit owners are complaining about these pets and want to prohibit any more in the building?

A. The Board of Directors is empowered by the Condominium Act to make reasonable rules and regulations for the operation of the building. However, in enacting a new rule, the association must act in a non-arbitrary manner and the rule must be reasonably related to the good of the entire condominium. As your attorney, I will provide guidance in drafting the rules so that they are fair and reasonable, and less likely to be challenged in court.

Q. How does the association proceed where an owner is delinquent in paying his or her share of the assessments?

A. The association can file an eviction lawsuit (called a forcible entry and detainer) to get the court to order the unit owner to pay delinquent assessments. If necessary, the association can obtain an order of possession as well, which would require the unit owner to vacate the unit.

These are just a sampling of the many issues about which the Law Office of Denise M. DeBelle can provide advice and counsel. The goal is to observe the law while also enhancing the quality of life for all residents of the condominium – and thereby increasing the value of everyone's property!

The Law Office of Denise M. DeBelle has experience and is equipped to provide both preventative and remedial law.

  1. Preventative law is working with a client as concepts and problems arise in order to provide advice to better ensure that problems and liabilities will not result from the ultimate decision. In this way officers and boards can avoid wasting time but more importantly, can prevent negative or even disastrous results.
  2. Remedial law is what most clients experience wherein the board acts on its own without legal advice and ends up with a problem or a potential liability. It then seeks legal advice to remedy or correct the problem.

The Law Office of Denise M. DeBelle seeks to provide preventative law where at all possible. This approach will most often cost the condominium association less because the lawyer's work on your matter is less time consuming with a preventative approach than a remedial approach.

DeBelle Law
Professional Memberships

  • ACTHA (Condominium Townhouse and Homeowner association)
  • National Employment Lawyers Association — Illinois
  • Chicago Bar Association Committees: Condominium and Labor & Employment
  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Certified mediator, Center for Conflict Resolution
“Having worked with Denise on a variety of different condo issues, I could not recommend anyone more qualified to help out an association. Not only did she keep us informed about everything she was doing, but she also helped us with everyday issues that came up. She is very knowledgeable concerning Chicago and association laws and procedures.”

— Matt K, Rogers Park Condo President